In the middle of the vines

Wine tasting stay

Length of stay : 2 days. Tailor-made service.

Let’s explore very thoroughly one or two regions, so that we may feel how rich and complex the wine producing world is.

Let’s draw on ancient history so that we may make it meaningful.

Together let’s observe and understand geology, the soils, the terroir, the Climats as well as the culture and wine making methods and the grape varieties of the places that we visit.

At last, let’s taste the wines from various terroirs and wine makers in order to feel how different the notes and the colours are.

Chambolle Musignu Les Fuées
Domaine Trévallon Saint Etienne du Grès

Wine tasting tour

Length of tour : from 4 hours and a half

In daytime or at flexible times, early or late, so we can enjoy a cool atmosphere and a beautiful light, let’s get immersed in two or three vineyards and understand the philosophy and the techniques of wine makers. Thus, you get a precise and systemic analysis of a region.

The approach is multifaceted : history, archaeology, geology (with landscape reading), culture and wine production, and wine tasting.
Wine tasting in a chosen place. The wines you taste belong to these two domains.

Based on 6 persons. 4 wines.

Depending on the region, the wines tasted, their number and the number of participants.

*An alternative with a 3 hours wine-tour is also offered. The final tasting in a dedicated place is replaced by a wine-tasting in each respective vineyard (2 bottles).

Price : upon request

* A wine tour on 2 differents terroirs of Provence can be proposed. Length or tour : 6h.
The approach is geological and viti-vinicultural.
Wine tasting of 2 wines in the vines ; with the possibility of a pic-nic in a dedicated place or a lunch break in a restaurant. 

1 Vine - 1 wine

Length of tour : 2 hours

A crush for a terroir and its wine. Exhaustive discovery.

We are fully immersed in a vineyard, we focus on the observation of the landscape and the wine making and culture techniques practised in the wine estate.

We taste a bottle of wine in the vineyard, in full harmony with nature.

Based on 6 persons. Depending on the region and the number of participants.

Price : upon request


Vignes au Printemps Domaine Trévallon
vendanges 2020 Chambolle-musigny pinot noir chardonnay

Thematic approach & wine tasting in the vineyards or at the clients

Length : 2 hours

Together let’s choose and talk about a precise topic such as the broad approach to agriculture (sustainable, organic or biodynamic), the specificity of the regions (Châteauneuf-du-Pape, St Rémy-de-Provence, Aix-en-Provence, Burgundy), single-varietal or assembled wines, or specific techniques (ex : rosé wine making) and let’s taste a wine.

Based on 6 persons. 1 wine. Depending on the region, the wines tasted, their number and the number of participants.

When in a vineyard this service takes place in the mentioned regions except Burgundy and Loire.

Price : upon request

The favoured regions for stays and tours are the following :

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur :

Bouches-du-Rhône : St Remy-de-Provence and around. The Alpilles. Aix-en-Provence and around. St Victoire.

Vaucluse : Lubéron. Châteauneuf du Pape and around.

Planned tours in the future 2022 – 2023 :

Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur : Cassis Bandol



The service 1 Vine – 1 Wine takes place in the regions mentioned above except Burgundy and Loire.

For all the services that take place in the vineyards, you may have the opportunity to buy wine in some domains or at some cellarmen’s. Le Chant de la Vigne doesn’t take any fees on the bottles purchased.

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