"A different approach compared with the traditional tours, coupled with a unique competence. The terroir remains one of the key factors that draws the line between a good wine and a great wine. Few people master this complex knowlegde requiring specific skills."
Ostiane Icard.
Ostiane et Mr Dürbacch
Ostiane Icard - Mr Dürbacch
Estate Trévallon. St Etienne-du-Grès.
"Valérie is someone who is fully committed to what she undertakes. Naturally soothing, a nature lover, she has a great deal of sensitivity and she is particularly keen on sharing this passion with others."
Thibault Morey
Thibault Morey-Coffinet
Estate Morey-Coffinet. Chassagne-Montrachet.
" Definitely passionate and sparkling, Valérie gets to the terroir through geology. She will be an ideal hostess to show you around a vineyard but she will get you to polish your understanding of it according to your knowledge and wishes.”
Romain Dol
Romain Dol
Estate Le Novi. La Tour d'Aigues.
“Valérie has been keeping up with the estate for a few years now. While she was still in her former professional occupation, she regularly visited us to exchange about wines and understand them. We feel she has a passion for wine and the terroir it reflects. We are confident she will brilliantly pass on this passion to the people who will follow her. We will be delighted to meet her again."
Florence et Damien Laureau.
Florence et Damien Laureau
Damien Laureau
Estate Damien Laureau. Savennières.
" At the origin of a wine, there is a place. You don’t necessarily need to know it to appreciate the wine, but this knowledge will help you to understand the origin of the winemaker’s approach."
Jean-Yves Bizot
Jean-Yves Bizot
Estate Bizot. Vosne-Romanée.
"Valerie is a long-time friend. She is passionate about vines and wine With an uncommon sensitivity, she will be able to pass on her knowledge and technical expertise ; and she will give you the desire to make great discoveries."
Ghislaine Barthod
Ghislaine Barthod
Estate Ghislaine Barthod. Chambolle-Musigny.

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