I am taking you to some places which are exceptional, distinctive or highly prized, to be immersed among the vines and in the magic of wine.

You will discover and understand the wine makers and their wines across various terroirs and Climats, in various regions.

This invitation to a voyage goes along with utter respect for the places, the men and the work they perform and with humility towards knowledge and expertise.

While on this tour, you will discover the old print of geology on the present terroirs, you will understand how the history of vine and wine mingles with ancient texts ; and how man, through his viticulture and his wine making method, blends with nature in order to make it sublime.

Thus, tasting these high-quality wines becomes an opportunity to turn this privileged moment of discovery into something exceptional.

My purpose is to get close to the true character of each wine maker, to grasp his unique essence and energy and then to share it with you, being all the while genuinely sincere.

Tasting wine implies being attentive to the Vine, to the Soil, to the Terroir and to Man.

It implies understanding the wine maker and his choices.

Our priority is the respect for the environment and biodiversity. We contribute to intelligent wine tourism through environment-friendly attitudes.

Wine, just like music, converses with the soul. Let’s be guided…

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